What We’re Watching: 1/10/14

At a finish of any week, we post a “What We’re Watching” blog as we demeanour forward to a weekend and summation events from a week. We inspire we to share it with your friends and family, and have a protected weekend.

Assistance for West Virginia

FEMA is operative in tighten coordination with a West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to support state and internal efforts to safeguard open health and reserve in response to puncture conditions ensuing from a chemical brief in Charleston, West Virginia yesterday.

This morning, President Obama sealed an puncture stipulation creation sovereign disaster assistance accessible to effected counties in West Virginia to addition state and internal response efforts. Earlier today, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson spoke with West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin to communicate regard for those impacted by this occurrence and to make certain there were no unmet needs as a response continues.

FEMA will broach some-more than a million liters of water, that is now on a approach from FEMA’s placement centers in Cumberland and Frederick, Maryland, to a area for use by a state as needed.

We titillate residents in a influenced area to continue to follow a instruction of internal officials by guard internal radio and TV reports for a latest puncture information.  For updates, revisit a West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management website and Facebook page.

Our Favorite Winter Weather Tweets

This week, we saw intensely cold temperatures opposite a country. We also saw a partners during a state and internal turn assisting to keep people protected by pity useful winter continue reserve information and resources. Since we’re still in a midst of winter, take a time now to ready for a subsequent cold snap and retweet these tips to your friends on Twitter!

Want a visible to share? Here’s a discerning video with info on how to refurbish your family’s preparedness skeleton for a winter months ahead:

Have a good and protected weekend!

What We’re Watching: 1/3/14

Posted by: Dan Watson, Public Affairs

At a finish of any week, we post a “What We’re Watching” blog as we demeanour forward to a weekend and summation events from a week. We inspire we to share it with your friends and family, and have a protected weekend.

Winter Storm Update
People opposite a nation are being impacted by serious winter weather. According to a friends during a National Weather Service, another winter charge is approaching to impact a Central and Eastern U.S soon. The charge is now building over a Northern Rockies and Plains with snowstorm conditions foresee for many areas in a Northern Plains. Extreme low temperatures and dangerous breeze chill are approaching for many tools of a Central and Eastern U.S., and there’s a possibility of complicated sleet from a mid-Mississippi Valley to a Great Lakes on Saturday and into northern New England on Sunday.

If serious winter continue is approaching in your area, here are some reserve tips to keep in mind:

  • Stay adult to date with your latest forecast – revisit weather.gov or mobile.weather.gov on your smartphone for a latest conditions in your area.
  • Listen to internal officials – stay tuned to a news and listen to directions from internal officials.
  • Limit transport during a storm – usually try out on a roads if it’s positively necessary. If we contingency travel, let someone know your destination, a track we devise to take and when we design to arrive.
  • Have an puncture container in your vehicle – if a winter charge develops suddenly, have reserve on palm in box you’re stranded in your vehicle.
  • Take precautions for energy outages – winter storms mostly means energy outages, so be certain your family and home take stairs to means yourselves for during slightest 72 hours

For some-more winter reserve tips, revisit Ready.gov/winter or http://m.fema.gov on your mobile device.

New Year – New Resolution
We’re 3 days into 2014 and it’s not too late to make your New Year’s Resolution! Why not make a fortitude to safeguard we and your desired ones are improved prepared for an emergency?

Having a family communication devise is a initial step to ensuring we and your family are prepared for an emergency. It’s also a good approach to speak to your kids about puncture preparedness and incorporating them in removing prepared.

So this year, make a family communication devise that answers – who to call, where to accommodate and what to pack.  That’s it, a elementary family communication devise that answers those 3 questions. Simple enough, right?

Keeping a New Year’s Resolutions can be tough, though creation these skeleton to safeguard we and your family members are prepared is elementary and can make all a disproportion in an emergency.

Happy New Year!

What We’re Watching: 12/20/13

Posted by: Dan Watson, Public Affairs

At a finish of any week, we post a “What We’re Watching” blog as we demeanour forward to a weekend and summation events from a week. We inspire we to share it with your friends and family, and have a protected weekend.

A Potentially Stormy Holiday 

According to a friends during a National Weather Service, a charge complement is set to lane opposite a republic this weekend, impacting states in a accumulation of ways and potentially disrupting holiday travel. Here’s a latest foresee from a NWS:

  • Heavy sleet is foresee from a reduce Mississippi River Valley to a Ohio Valley this weekend with a risk for peep flooding.
  • A wintry mix, including frozen sleet and snow, is probable from a executive Great Plains, by a Great Lakes and to northern New England this weekend.
  • The NWS Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has indicated a Moderate Risk of serious thunderstorms on Saturday, with probable tornadoes, for portions of a Lower Mississippi Valley.
  • Severe thunderstorms are probable from a Central Gulf Coast/Lower Mississippi Valley into a Ohio Valley Saturday.

As we transport to revisit friends and desired ones for a holidays, we inspire we to practice counsel and guard continue conditions as they change. Stay present on continue conditions in your area by revisit weather.gov or mobile.weather.gov on your mobile device.  Also, revisit Ready.gov for some-more winter continue reserve tips and other good resources!

Be Prepared in 2014!

With a New Year around a corner, it’s time to make a resolutions. Why not Resolve to be Ready for an emergency?

This year, we’re stability a Resolve to be Ready debate with an significance on ‘Family Connections’ – reinforcing a significance of removing kids concerned in preparedness conversations in allege of an emergency. We’re creation your puncture preparedness fortitude easy to keep this year with 3 elementary tips when creation a plan: who to call, where to accommodate and what to pack.
Here’s what we can do:

  • Make a family communication devise that answers – who to call, where to accommodate and what to pack.
  • Join a Thunderclap on Facebook and Twitter and share a New Year’s fortitude of preparedness with your followers. How does Thunderclap work? Once we pointer up, Thunderclap will sync your amicable media accounts to recover an involuntary Facebook post, Tweet or both on January, 1, 2014 during 12:30 PM reminding your friends and supporters to make a family puncture plan.
  • Use #Prepared2014 in your amicable media messaging via 2014 to remind your friends and supporters to be prepared for emergencies all year long.
  • Share preparedness messages from a Ready Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Visit ready.gov/prepared2014 for some-more information on how we can Resolve to be Ready in 2014!

Photos of a Week

Here are a few of a favorite photos that came into a Photo Library this week.

New Topics on Our Online Collaboration Tool

We’ve recently launched a few new topics on a online partnership apparatus and as always, we wish to hear your thoughts and ideas. Head on over and share your ideas, criticism on others ideas, and opinion for your favorite.

That’s it for today’s What We’re Watching. On interest of everybody during FEMA, we wish we and your family a smashing and protected holiday!

History is a good teacher

Posted by: Rev. David L. Myers, Director, DHS Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

History is a good teacher.

Associate Pastor Ben Davidson of Bethany Community Church schooled a profitable doctrine during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that benefitted him and his assemblage a morning of Nov. 17, 2013, when a absolute hurricane tore by Washington IL.

His discerning meditative reminds me when disasters occur; having a plan can save lives and assistance focus a village toward a clever recovery. we have schooled this doctrine many times by a faith leaders I’ve intent as executive of a DHS Center for Faith-based Neighborhood Partnerships.

On Sunday morning Pastor Davidson was scheming to start his adult Sunday propagandize class, when he perceived an puncture phone call.  A hurricane had overwhelmed down and their church was in a path.
Immediately he and a staff worked to pierce a assemblage –particularly a children — to their designated preserve in a church plcae and they began to urge together as a charge upheld by their community.

The whole assemblage comforted one another by what Pastor Davidson recalls as “the longest 45 mins of my life.” Once all congregants were accounted for and that families could leave a easeful plcae Pastor Davidson immediately went home to endorse a reserve of his children who were during home ill that morning.

Immediately following a disaster, Bethany Community Church assimilated a associate members of a Washington Ministerial Association, AmeriCorps and a Illinois Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster to assistance coordinate a community’s liberation efforts.

Since a harmful event, some-more than 4,000 village volunteers have purebred with Bethany Community Church to assistance their desired ones and neighbors during disasters.  Their bid and fasten will assistance to boost a community’s resilience and safeguard they are improved prepared for emergencies.

The story of Washington, IL, and Bethany Community Church is a sign of a caring and care that faith-based organizations can yield all survivors in times of disaster. Their story reinforces a energy of a whole community, “survivor centric” proceed and a critical purpose and shortcoming of faith leaders in scheming their communities before disasters strike.

I inspire we know what to do before disaster strikes by fasten a thousands of faith-based and village members on a National Preparedness Coalition faith-based village of practice and joining with faith leaders opposite a nation operative on preparedness.

Being prepared contributes to the inhabitant security, the nation’s resilience, and the personal readiness.

Our Poem: Making Your Season Bright & Festive… Safely

Posted by: Flat Stanley and Flat Stella

This holiday season, Flat Stanley and we are here,
To share reserve tips as a fun draws near!
We adore holiday parties, we’re a initial to agree,
That there’s zero like time with friends and family,
So remember these contribution on how to have a protected time,
And join us in pity this holiday rhyme.

Remind your relatives as they make food any night,
To keep what they’re cooking in their sight,
Because being protected in a kitchen is always polite,
And a final thing we wish is for your food to ignite!

Only keep candles illuminated if someone is in a room,
Otherwise they could tumble and means a fire, it is protected to assume.
Better nonetheless we can use electric lights instead!
They come in all colors, from blue to yellow to red!

If your family likes to have a Christmas tree,
Make certain we H2O it frequently,
Otherwise it could dry out easily,
And set glow accidentally!

Your family might like to use block in heaters this season,
Just make certain not to overkill energy outlets, and for good reason:
It could blow out a circuit or means fires, and we ain’t teasin!

But a many critical tip for any holiday get-together,
Is to have fun! And be prepared for a weather!

What We’re Watching: 12/6/13

Posted by: Lars Anderson, Director Public Affairs

Photo from National Weather Service.

As we conduct into a weekend, millions of residents opposite portions of a southern Great Plains and into a Lower Ohio Valley are being or will be influenced by a winter storm. As we’ve already seen from a impact progressing this week, this winter charge complement has intensity to furnish assuage to complicated snow, poignant ice accumulations and complicated rainfall.  Not usually does this charge benefaction dangerous transport conditions, though there is intensity for vital and enlarged energy outages in a biggest impact areas, due to ice loading on energy lines and clever breeze gusts.

At this time, there have been no requests for sovereign assistance; however we mount prepared to support a state and internal partners as needed. We will continue to closely follow a winter charge and will yield updates as necessary.

We inspire all residents in potentially influenced areas to follow a instruction of internal officials and keep sensitive of internal conditions by monitoring internal radio or TV stations for updated continue and puncture information.

For those in influenced areas remember, if internal officials ask residents to stay off a roads, equivocate transport unless it’s an emergency. If we contingency travel, make certain we have an emergency supply pack in a trunk, safeguard your dungeon phone is charged, and surprise a family member or crony of where we are going and a track we devise to take.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Ensure we have some simple puncture supplies. Water, batteries, flashlights, non-perishable food are a few examples of things that should be in your emergency supply kit.
  • Check on your neighbors, generally those who are aged or might live alone to make certain they’re OK.
  • If we lose power, use flashlights for puncture lighting. NEVER use candles due to an increasing risk of fire.
  • Have a devise to stay warm should a energy go out.  Have extra blankets on palm or have an choice place to go (if it’s protected to travel).
  • Remember, if a energy goes out, banks/ATMs might be offline for some time. Have money on hand.
  • If regulating a portable generator during a energy outage, it should always be operated outside, divided from doors and windows to equivocate dangerous CO monoxide.

Visit Ready.gov/winter for some-more winter continue reserve tips and information.

Stay protected (and warm)!

What We’re Watching: 11/8/13

Posted by: Lars Anderson, Director, Public AffairsAt a finish of any week, we post a “What We’re Watching” blog as we demeanour forward to a weekend and summation events from a week. We inspire we to share it with your friends and family, and have a protected weekend.

Honoring a Veterans

Photo of American Flag.

Here during FEMA we’re advantageous to have veterans from all 5 branches of a nation’s troops operative during headquarters, in a informal offices and on a belligerent during disasters. We conclude all that they have finished by portion in a armed army and all that they continue to do with their open use here during FEMA.

This Veterans Day, join us in honoring a nation’s veterans, generally those who have given a ultimate scapegoat for a freedoms.

Learn some-more about a history of Veterans Day.

Pass or Fail – Disaster Preparedness 101

Here during FEMA, we speak a lot about ensuring your family and friends are prepared for an emergency.  Well, recently FEMA’s possess Director of Individual and Community Preparedness, Gwen Camp helped a family who suspicion they might be prepared determine either they were unequivocally prepared for an puncture or not.  And if we consider your family can use a examination on what it means to unequivocally be prepared afterwards conduct over to Ready.gov to take a few elementary stairs to get prepared.

Join a Team

Here during FEMA, we’re always looking to enhance a group and partisan rarely encouraged people meddlesome in a rewarding career in puncture management. Here are a few open positions within a Digital Engagement Team:

We’d adore for we to join a team! Check out a Careers page to learn some-more about FEMA and crop by other opportunities that are accessible via a agency.

Have a protected and good weekend!

Building a teenage willingness bar in Monson, Mass.

Posted by: Rachel Little, FEMA Youth Preparedness Council Member, Region 1

My name is Rachel Little and we am a girl attending Monson High School.  we have lived in Monson, Massachusetts, my whole life, and couldn’t have grown adult in a improved place.  My city is full of strong- willed, dynamic people, always peaceful to lend a assisting hand.

When a hurricane struck a city on Jun 1st, 2011, it brought a tiny village even closer together.  Everyone was reaching out to give support, from provision food or water, to giving neighbors wish for a improved tomorrow.  It was a really relocating eventuality to watch.  Even yet we was not directly influenced by a tornado, we had people really nearby and dear to me in a trail of a tornado.  we wanted to assistance out in whatever approach we could, since we saw how most a people of Monson were suffering.  we couldn’t mount by and watch — we had to take action. 

Therefore, we assimilated a Monson proffer efforts and eventually became a member of The Street Angels.  The Street Angels is a dedicated proffer organisation that brought reserve to families in need after a tornado,  and helped families make connectors with landscapers and builders. My associate Street Angels helped me fill out an focus to turn partial of FEMA’s Youth Preparedness Council, and we am now going into my second year of being a unapproachable member.  To me, a Youth Preparedness Council is a commencement of people realizing that girl can make a disproportion in puncture preparedness and response — not usually myself and a smashing people of this council, though a world’s youth.   My associate members and we are usually a commencement of that change.

My devise for 2013 is to combine with a Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), or Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), to start a teen willingness bar in my town.  we know a lot of people my age wanted to get concerned after a 2011 Monson tornado, though they didn’t know how.  If possibly a Jr. MRC or a Teen CERT had already been in play before a tornado, Monson would have seen a significantly aloft volume of girl action.   Being a member of a Youth Preparedness Council, my goal is to boost a volume of prepared girl and families in my region.

I’ve also been perplexing to share puncture preparedness during my school.  I’ve strike poignant highway blocks during prior attempts during removing a teen willingness bar adult and using for Monson High School.  After final year’s Youth Preparedness Council limit in Washington DC, we had my heart set on starting a Teen CERT. The thought of removing my friends and classmates meddlesome in preparedness and prepared for disasters was exciting.  we asked around to see if we could get a tutor to assistance me get a group started.  we found a male in my adjacent village who seemed really peaceful to assistance me out, though unfortunately, that fell through.

I incited to my Local Emergency Preparedness Committee, that was shaped after a tornado.  Although we done a display to them and they favourite my ideas, we weren’t means to get a skeleton off a ground.  we did accommodate a lady in a Local Emergency Preparedness Committee meetings who happened to be a conduct of a MRC in my town, and she introduced me to Jr. MRC.   We’re still anticipating to get a Jr. MRC started, and it’s a stream work in progress.  we expect that a hurdles for this year will again be anticipating someone to learn a march or assistance me with a investiture of a club.  we have a backup plan, so that if things tumble through, we will take a Teen CERT “train a trainer” march so we can learn a category myself.

As a outcome of starting Teen CERT or Jr. MRC in Monson, we wish to see this small village turn prepared for destiny emergencies.  we wish never to see another disaster to a border of a hurricane ever again, though it’s improved protected than sorry.  we will know I’ve met success when we have a entirely functioning teen willingness bar in Monson High School.  From there, we can usually wish to enhance my efforts to other communities and beyond.

Editor’s Note: The views voiced in this blog post do not indispensably paint a central views of FEMA, a Department of Homeland Security, or a United States Government. We are providing links to third celebration sites and organizations for your reference. FEMA does not validate any non-government entities, organizations or services.

Implementing High School Emergency Preparedness While Staying True to Your Culture

Posted by: Joshua Ottow, Assistant Principal, Yarmouth High School 

My name is Josh Ottow, and we am a partner principal during Yarmouth High School in Maine. Yarmouth is a suburban city of approximately 8,000 residents and 1,400 students, with 500 students during a high school. we offer on a organisation of administrators that helps devise for confidence and puncture preparedness in a district. Currently, we have an puncture government custom that relates to all schools, and has additional specific information and skeleton for particular schools.

We feel that Yarmouth High School is already a protected school, in that we encourage a guileless and deferential propagandize culture, where certain relations between students and teachers are of a pinnacle importance. For example, we do not have thatch on a lockers, bells between classes, or gymnasium passes. It’s vicious to us to supplement measures that make a propagandize some-more prepared for emergencies but losing that guileless culture.

This can be a plea because, in a eyes, of students, things like sealed doors, buzz-in systems, cameras in a parking lot, and lockdown drills can feel like we are presumption a misfortune in them, as against to guileless them to do a right thing.

At Yarmouth High School, a centerpiece of a puncture preparedness is carrying a clever Advisor/Advisee program. We trust in a inherited strength and intensity of a tiny organisation of students operative together with an advising adult for 4 years. A student’s confidant is a chairman to rest on for advice, information, and genuine assistance and support in moments of distress.  Each teacher’s organisation of advisees comprises a singular multiple of students, who competence not differently have turn friends. We see this as an event for students to offer support and accept support from a organisation that will be a consistent in students’ life for 4 years during Yarmouth High School. Because of a joining to this program, we knew that it would be vicious to a puncture preparedness doing efforts.

Over a past year we spent substantial time in a Advisor/Advisee groups, articulate about new puncture preparedness measures. The pivotal is doing so in a context of gripping a propagandize enlightenment total and creation a propagandize a safer place. One proceed we proceed this is by contracting contention questions in a Advisor/Advisee groups to kindle conversation, build bargain within a tyro body, and give students an event to share their opinions and concerns. Example questions include:

  • What creates Yarmouth High School a secure place?
  • What creates a enlightenment of Yarmouth High School unique?
  • Do we feel protected during Yarmouth High School?
  • Do we know what we would do in an puncture during school? Do we feel prepared?
  • What can we, as a school, do to safeguard that we encourage and say a positive, trusting, and deferential enlightenment AND have a some-more secure school?

Teachers are suggested to be supportive to intensity stress-level boost and romantic reactions surrounding these discussions, and are wakeful that tyro reactions might change widely, and everyone’s opinion should be given a due. Our wish is that this review is honest and impactful for students as they combat with these tough issues.  We are also anticipating that this review spills into “dinner time” speak with their relatives during home. Parents are always invited to play a contributing purpose in these puncture preparedness skeleton around community-based forums, where they can demonstrate their opinions, make requests, and give suggestions.

Another process that we use to residence puncture preparedness is collecting approach feedback from students. For example, we ask students (through their Advisor/Advisee groups) for feedback on a response devise and suggestions for destiny protocols any time we reason a lockdown drill. Advisors are given a detailed, play-by-play lockdown cavalcade beam that they go over with their advisees after any drill. Sometimes, we get good suggestions from a students that we might not have suspicion about otherwise.

For example, during a new lockdown cavalcade we asked students to palm over their phones to their teacher. One tyro asked his Advisor since we did that, and he was told that one reason was to minimize light and sound entrance from a classroom.  In response, he suggested that teachers should also tighten a lids of their laptops, since his clergyman had his laptop open during a lockdown and it was emitting light. This was not something we had specified in a devise and might not have suspicion to supplement if this tyro hadn’t brought it up. Advisors have entrance to a common online request where they can note these suggestions, and afterwards we speak about a responses and potentially reworking a skeleton during a school-wide expertise meeting.

Our puncture preparedness efforts in a past several months, from new skeleton and new apparatus to authentic and honest discussions among students and staff, have shown me that involving students and being open with them about how preparedness measures could impact propagandize enlightenment is a best proceed to safeguard a protected and certain school.

Editor’s Note: The views voiced in this blog post do not indispensably paint a central views of FEMA, a Department of Homeland Security, or a United States Government. We are providing links to third celebration sites and organizations for your reference. FEMA does not validate any non-government entities, organizations or services.

Get “Prepared” to Trick-or-Treat

Posted by: Flat Stanley and Flat Stella

Washington, D.C., Oct 30, 2013 -- Flat Stanley with his Halloween costume.

We’re unequivocally vehement for Halloween and can’t wait to go Trick-or-Treating! How about you?!?!

As Stella and we talked about all a candy we wanted to get, we suspicion of ways we could remind everybody that removing prepared can be fun too!


We’ll use a map we drew of a area from a family communication devise to prominence a trick-or-treating path! You can too!

Washington, D.C., Oct 30, 2013 -- Flat Stanley and Flat Stella ready to go trick-or-treating in their area by highlighting their trail regulating a map of their area from their family puncture communication plan.

We wish to make certain to go to all of a neighbors’ houses.

Our map also has a family assembly location, only in box anything happens.  If your family communication devise doesn’t embody a map, maybe this weekend we can ask your relatives to lay down and pull one with you.

We’ll be certain to take a flashlight only in box it gets a small too dark. A flashlight is also a good object to keep in your kit.

Washington, D.C., Oct 30, 2013 -- Flat Stanley grabs his flashlight in box it is dim while trick-or-treating. A flashlight is also a good object to embody in your puncture supply kit.

Then, we had an thought to squeeze some other reserve to take around and inspire a neighbors to get prepared! As we go door-to-door to a neighbors’ homes, we’ll uncover them some of a equipment they can keep in their puncture supply kit.

Washington, D.C., Oct 30, 2013 -- Flat Stella shows some simple initial assist reserve that should be in your puncture supply kit.

Washington, D.C., Oct 30, 2013 -- Flat Stella shows some other equipment to embody in your puncture supply kit. Water and snacks should be enclosed in your kit.

Then, we’ll be certain to appreciate them for all a candy they give us!

Washington, D.C., Oct 30, 2013 -- Halloween candy for a flats.

Stella and we are always meditative of fun ways to incorporate being prepared in all we do.  Share with us a fun activities we and your family have finished to get some-more prepared!

We can’t wait to go trick-or-treating! We wish we have a fun (and safe) time too!